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Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-502

The insulating oil tester HYYJ-502 is developed according to the national standard GB-86 "Insulation oil dielectric strength measurement method". The built-in EEPROM memory can save up to 100 sets of test data and results. The micro-printer can print the test results at any time. The tester is easy to operate, powerful, stable and reliable.

Technical Specification
Power supply inputAC220V±10% 
Output voltageAC 0V~80KV (80KV)
AC 0V~100KV (100KV)
Rate of voltage rise0.5kv/s±5%, 2kv/s±5%, 3kv/s±5%,5kv/s±5%
Max test times9
Init wait time0~999s
Stir time0~999s
Wait time0~999s
Measurement error3% max in the range of 10kv~80kv (80KV)
3% max in the range of 10kv~100kv (100KV)
Storage100 groups
Size620 mm*300mm*410mm

Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-502 issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

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