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Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-20S

The winding resistance  tester HYZC-20S is the product of the latest generation for measuring the DC resistance of transformer and is optimally designed for measuring the DC resistance of the three-phase winding of the large-capacity transformer. It can measure the three-phase winding DC resistance of the transformer simultaneously.

Technical Specification

Testing current

Single phase: 1A  5A  10A  20A  40A
Three phase: 1A  5A  10A  20A

Measurement scope

Single phase: 1A    10 mΩ~20Ω   5A   1 mΩ~4Ω
10A    1 mΩ~2Ω    20A   1 mΩ~1Ω
40A   1 mΩ~0.5Ω
Three-phase: 1A    10 mΩ~6Ω (each phase)  5A   1 mΩ~1Ω (each phase )
10A   1 mΩ~0.6Ω (each phase )
20A   1 mΩ~0.3Ω (each phase )

Measurement accuracy

±0.2% (Full span ) ± 2 words

Maximum resolution 


Data storage capacity 

150 groups

Power supply

AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±2Hz

Working environment

Ambient temperature: 0°~40℃   Relative humidity :≤80%

Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-20S issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

Service commitment