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Gas chromatograph HYGC-1189

HYGC-1189 network electric chromatograph is designed and manufactured according to the gas chromatograph process and gas chromatography power system recommended by the guidelines of the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 17623-1998, GB/T 7252-2001. This machine adopts three detector process, a sampling, parallel double columns, a shunt. Compared to other gas chromatographs, this instrument is simpler and more sensitive to detection.

Technical Specification



temperature control

4 - 450 degrees above room temperature

Temperature control accuracy of cylindrical box


Display accuracy


Lift rate of cylindrical box

16 steps temperature programmed, 0-40 /min (adjusted increment 0.1 /min)

Programmed temperature repeatability


Sensitivity of TCD detector


Baseline drift


Baseline noise


Linear range


FID detector detection limit

≤3×10-12g/s(Positive sixteen alkane)

Baseline drift

≤1×10-13 A/30min

Baseline noise


Linear range



6 external events can be added

Automation engineering

Automatic ignition function, can be used to workstation control

Ambient temperature: 5-35 DEG C

Relative humidity: less than 85%

Supply voltage: 220V + 10%, 50Hz + 0.5Hz

There is no corrosive gas in the room, the table cannot be strongly vibrated, and there is no strong magnetic field around.

Host size: 570 x 510 x 470mm   power: less than 2500W

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