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Contact Resistance Tester HYHL Series

Contact resistance tester HYHL Series outputs DC 200A/100A current to test the contact resistance of circuit breaker or high current cable contacts. It is designed according to IEC62271. The main application of the tester is the measurement of circuit breaker contact resistance.

Technical Specification

1.Measurement range: 0-1999.9 μΩ   

   Resolution:0.1 μΩ

2.Test current: DC 200A/100A for different selection

4. Maximum error< 0.5 %RDG+0.05%FS

5.Display mode: LCD 

6. Save no more than 100 groups of data

7. RS232 computer interface

8.Rated power supply:AC220V

9. Size: 340 × 280 × 210mm3

10.Environment temperature:-10 ℃~+40 ℃ 

     Relative humidity<80%


Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Contact Resistance Tester HYHL-200A issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

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