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Capacitive Voltage Divider FRC-100(C)

FRC-100(C) capacitive voltage divider is one kind of high-voltage measuring instruments. It can be used in power systems, electrical appliances, electronic equipment manufacturing sector to measure high-voltage at extra-low frequency.

Technical Specification

1. Range(kV): 100

2. Accuracy: 1.0%

3. Impedance: 1200 M Ω

4. Test frequency: >0.01HZ

5. The use of environmental conditions allowed

    Temperature: 0-40℃

    Relative humidity:< 85%

6. Size(mm) : 220×220×750     Weight(kg): 10

Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Capacitive Voltage Divider FRC-100 issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

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