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Bangladeshi Reverie has ordered our products

Time:2019-01-10 Number:18

Huaying Electric Power signed a sales contract with the old customer Bangladesh Reverie for the HYGK-306A Circuit Breaker Analyzer and other testers.

The order list is as follows:

HY2306 Insulation Tester

HYZC-20A Winding Resistance Tester             

HYBC-901 Transformer Turn Ratio Tester         

YDJ-100/50 AC Hipot Tester

FRC-100KV Voltage Divider 

HYGK-306A Circuit Breaker Analyzer

HYYJ-501 Insulating Oil Tester 

HYKF Transformer No load and load Tester    

VLF-80KV VLF AC Hipot Tester

Reverie, this is a large power engineering company that has long maintained a good relationship with our company. The REVERIE consists of 200 engineers and 400 employees to meet the supply of various types of power solutions.

The company is responsible for the design, supply, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage substations up to 400kV. For the convenience of customers, REVERIE has also established a highly integrated plant that produces various types of transformers and 33KV high voltage switchgear.

As a company that has passed ISO9001:2008, REVERIE's desire is to always satisfy customers. 

Before the Spring Festival, the shipment of Huaying Electric Power has become more and more busy.  We always insists on providing high quality products and professional service to customers home and abroad!