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Philippine substation engineer visits our company

Time:2019-09-11 Number:42

Philippine substation engineer visits our company.

Yesterday, our company hosted a customer M from the Philippine substation ( with the "M" pseudonym). M is a substation project engineer in the Philippines who has extensive experience in on-site power inspection and service.合照.jpg
Our company's Nancy led M to visit from the lobby work area, QC department, production department and technical department.

After reviewing the company environment, M carefully observed the test process of the following instruments:

Dry Type Hipot Tester GTB Series

Insulation Resistance Tester HY2306

Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-10A

CT PT Analyzer HYVA-405

Very Low Frequency Tester VLF-80KV

SF6 Gas Leakage Detector HYLD-I

Circuit Breaker Analyzer HYGK-307

Cable Fault Locater