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SF6 Gas Leakage Detector HYLD-I

This instrument is used exclusively in the detection of sulfur hexafluoride equipment or volume's leakage by the industry of electricity, railway, electronic production, chemical engineering, fire equipment and atomic physics research institute, etc. It can do qualitative and quantitative detection quickly and accurately.

Technical Specification
Range of measurement(SF6)0.01ppm~500ppm(Volume ratio)  
Response timenot more than 3 seconds
Indication patterncrystal digital display harmony, light signal alarm
Setting range of alarming0.01ppm~500ppm(Volume ratio)  
Pumping speed of vacuum pump0.5 litre/second
Accuracyupper than 1x10-7 cc/ second
Length of the vacuum tube4 m
Continual working timenot more than 4 hours 
Working conditionalternating current power supply 220V 50Hz  
Environment temperature7℃-40℃  
Relative humidity not more than 85%  
Rate of workapprox. 180W  
Total weight approx. 15Kg  

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