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A large order from CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd.,

Time:2019-04-29 Number:76

Before May Day holiday, our company is busy with the delivery of an order, which is from CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Nonferrous Metal Mining(Group) Co., Ltd., with a total of 18 equipments, all of which were sent to its African project - LUALABA COPPER SMELTER S.A.S. The marketing department worked closely with the production department and the quality inspection department, for this shipment.

The order list is as follows:

FRC-150 AC-DC Kilovolt Meter

HYYJ-501 Insulation Oil Tester

HYZC-2 High Speed DC Resistance Meter

HYDW-4 Grounding Resistance Tester

HYGK-307 Circuit Breaker Analyzer

HYHL-III Contact Resistance Tester

ZGF-120/2mA Portable HVDC Generator

HYVA-401 CT PT Analzyer

ZQF-120/5mA DC High Voltage Tester

HY8000 Tan Delta Tester

HYKC-2000 On Load Tap Changer Analyzer

NRIJB-1200A Microcomputer Protection Relay Tester

HYJB-PC3 Microcomputer Protection Relay Tester

HY8600 0.6kV-220kV Wireless High Voltage Phasing Tester

HYDZ-50kV Insulating Gloves and Boots

HYBL-102 On-line Surge Arrester Tester

HYWS-1 Automatic Moisture Titrator

HYWS-2 SF6 Gas Moisture Detector

CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd. (CNIT) was established on August 28th 2007 in the Great Hall of People. It is one of the subsidiaries of China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. Ltd. whichis one of the state-owned assets of the enterprises and entered into Fortune Global 500 in 2015.

The major businesses of CNIT are national and international trading, purchasing and supplying materials for key construction and manufacture projects, logistics and relevant services, covering copper, aluminium, zinc, lead and silver and other 20 nonferrous metals, energy resources of radiation,raw chemical materials, steel products, construction materials, coals, travelling services, exhibitions and hotels. CNIT has established cooperative relationship with more than 10 countries, such as South Africa, United States, Turkey, Philippine and Zambia.

Our company has maintained long-term friendly cooperation with CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd., Following the business conception of “honesty, quality first, service first", our company will continue to upgrade and innovate products to provide high quality products and services to customers! Thanks to your supports and trusts!